Unified User Interface Design

Not a big deal, actually, but an important prerequisite for future development and documentation: We've polished the user interface design a bit and made it look the same on Windows and Mac now.

This came up when planning new tutorial videos. I thought it would be more consistent to have Synfire look (almost) identical on either platform. We also found the current status of Synfire really deserved an improved overall look.

The changes are rather subtle, yet have a very positive overall effect. There will eventually be a "dark" design scheme, too. Although, tweaking an inverse color scheme is really tricky and takes some time to do right. This kind of nice-to-have feature is not currently of any priority, so please don't expect it to come anytime soon.

The new unified design will come with the next update 1.5.3. Before releasing it, I will have a look at some issues that were reported just recently and see if they can be addressed immediately.

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