Could Not Resist The Dark Matter

thumb.jpg First I thought it would be a waste of time to do a major face lift now, but then after thinking twice, it perfectly made sense to complete this step before creating dozens of new videos, tutorials and other new presentation material. That would have been the real waste of time! Imagine all that suddenly becoming obsolete after an eventual graphical redesign. That said, I very much enjoyed making Synfire a little more sexy at last and am happy with the results so far. 

The design looks almost identical on Windows and Mac, although on the Mac text and line art look a little smoother. There's no black magic behind, just an all new inverted color scheme. Doing inverted schemes is very tricky, because bright content on dark background requires a lot of fine tuning, color desaturation, spectrum tweaking and things like that. That's why I was very reluctant to a dark theme first.

I am not a graphics artist, so there is certainly still a lot of room for future improvements. I'm just glad the theming framework is finished now. Refining a few colors here and there will be no big deal from now on.

The old color themes will be still available for those who are happy with the current bright look. Switching from inverse back to positive and vice versa is a true flash bang in your eyes, though. They will need a few minutes to become comfortable again.

I will do my best and finish the next update as soon as possible. I am confident you will enjoy it as much as I do.


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wow, very nice!

Mac Pro 2.66, Pro Tools LE 8, Logic Pro 7&8

Very cool! It looks really "Pro" now.

Looks great~!

very cool Andre... love it

I like also the layout of sonar x1 Producer.. it is not completely black
For me i like this coloring of sonar x1 producer more than that of SFP now in black

This grey coloring works very well with the white coloring and others and is not so strong as black what dominates the program. 
(  i do not like also not the layout coloring of fruity loops  and sfp look s like this .. i think)


Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. The update is online for download now.

I could not yet finish the text and line smoothing on Windows (anti aliasing), so please bear with the somewhat jagged appearance of bold text and radio buttons until this will be eventually fixed.

Wow Andre, awesome! I absolutely love the new look! Thanks so much for doing this!Smile

Yeah, this is great. Thanks so much!

the Dark defaullt interface is stellar. dig it.

This totally kicks ass! It just feels better.

Wow! Even if I suspected I would like this better, when you radically change color schemes it usually takes a bit of time to get used to it.  I loved the inverse look and the other UI improvements from the first second I turned it on Smile

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